10 Fun Crafts to Do when You’re Bored


We’ve all been bored at one point in our lives. And chances are we will be again. So instead of mindlessly staring at the TV, why don’t you get creative by trying some simple crafts? Creativity can be the cure to your boredom. Plus, with all the fun crafts you can do, there’s no reason why you should ever be bored again. If you’re looking for ways to kill boredom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about fun crafts to do when you’re bored and hopefully, help you make projects you can use for a long time. Check them out.

Fun Crafts To Do At Home When You Are Bored

Blocks With Hama Beads

Why buy building blocks while you can make yours in different sizes and colors of your choice? Hama beads are excellent for all ages and require little skills hence you’ll have your blocks ready without a hassle. If you want bigger blocks, you’ll need to use more beads. Also, one can try out different shapes.

You’ll need Hama beads, strong/hot glue, ironing sheets, iron, and pegboards. Start by laying out the beads of one block on a pegboard. Make three squares or rectangles in the same color. Then place your ironing paper over them and iron to set these beads. Remember to use medium heat and gentle motion when ironing.

Now, remove those rectangles from the pegboard, flip the other side and iron it too. Then glue those layers together using enough glue between each layer.

Pom-Poms Push Pins

Your bulletin board could use some decorations. And there’s no other excellent way of doing that than using these mini pom-poms pins. Once you make them, glue them to pushpins or one can also buy pom-poms to simplify the project.

Wall Coloring

Coloring is super fun especially for families with small kids. Just remember to cover your wall with a white contact paper before you begin coloring. Wall coloring will keep your kids busy for a long while. Parents can draw frames for children using a Sharpie or they can let them figure shapes for themselves.

A Chalk of Ice

This is one of the easiest and inexpensive crafts. In your icecube tray, mix baking soda, watercolor paint, water, and cornstarch. Then freeze, take outside and spray with vinegar. You’ll be wowed with how the chalk cubes erupt with color.

Elephant Planter

elephant planter


Turning an elephant into a planter is quite an interesting idea. Spray it with color paint, add soil, and a succulent plant and that’s it. To make things more exciting, you can ask every family member to make theirs and fill it with a plant of their choice.

Homemade Stickers

homemade sticker diy


If you love to doodle, this is an excellent project for you. Turn drawings to stickers using a contact paper. Then, you’ll have something to decorate your notebooks, walls, or anything you like.

DIY Foam Paint

Do you want to unleash your kid’s inner artist? Try this unique craft. Using food coloring, glue, and shaving cream, you can make your 3D paint.

Fabric Bracelets

Want to add an inexpensive accessory to your wardrobe? Try these five minutes fabric bracelets. Using a wire hanger as the base, simply wrap your fabric around it, and don’t forget to finish off with a knot.

Color Block Box


Want to make your workspace desk look prettier? Then look no further than this easy DIY color block box. It’s even beautiful enough to give it as a Christmas present. One can make several of them in different colors then ensure a neat arrangement.

DIY Vase Décor

diy vase

Designing your vase gives you control of how you want it to be. You get the perfect shape, size, and color of your desire without searching in different stores. Plus, it saves you a lot of money. Now, there are many ways one can customize their vases to suit different occasions. For instance, one can create a letter vase using any words, single letters, or initial and use as a wedding or birthday gift or for everyday use. Or you can design a lace vase by decorating a jar with ribbons and lace.

Don’t get bored in the house while there are many DIY projects right at your fingertips. These crafts require minimal time and investment. So instead of sleeping or sitting in your house bored, engage yourself and your family in these simple DIY projects.