When it comes to the 2020 quarantine, your extra time might have you twiddling your fingers. This is where DIY necklace ideas can come in handy. By the time the pandemic is over, you can have an arsenal of pretty necklaces. You can even start your own business. In the following article, we will explore further how to make some necklaces at home with 10 ideas:

10 Awesome DIY Necklace Plans

1. The Ring Necklace

diy ring necklace

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The ring necklace is a classic that uses quality materials. You just need some scrap copper and leather. It’s easy to bring together the final results too with some simple knotting technique. Everyone seems to have something like this in their collection. It’s a great gift too for a teenage boy that wants to start experimenting with different looks (it’s cheaper than getting him a gold chain). This unisex necklace is a hit.

2. The Film Negative Necklace

film negative necklace

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This necklace is probably unlike anything that you already have in your collection. You will have to do some soldering and drilling with this one, but it should come out great. The end result will be an eye-catching piece. This has a bit more of an intermediate skill level. You do need some extra tools as well such as a 3D printer.

3. The Clove Necklace

clove necklace diy

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For those that love fragrant jewelry, this might just be your match. You will feel as though you have a bit of nature on your neck, because, in fact, you do. You add in the beads in between to balance things out and to give some life. All in all, you are bound to enjoy this for a fun everyday necklace. It’s relatively simple to create for a crafty person that already has sewing materials in your arsenal. You can order the cloves online if need be.

4. The Wire Flower Necklace

wire flower necklace diy

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I’ve included this one because it really looks like something that you would buy in a fancy boutique. If you want to increase your skill level to something you could sell, then this is a good piece to tackle. The materials are not that expensive because you fashion the flowers with wire. The results, though, are simply stunning.

5. The Quilling Necklace

diy quilling necklace

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The quilling necklace is for someone who loves color and big, chunky jewelry. It is actually made with rolling colorful strips of paper. If this sounds more your speed, then you should give this one a shot. You will need a quilling pen, however, to do this properly. Other than that, there is really not a lot that can stop you from making this statement item.

6. The Seashell Necklace

We all like to have a bit of the ocean wrapped around our necks. This DIY seashell necklace will prove that you can listen to the faint ocean roars. The seashell necklace can be made by using a Dremel rotary tool to make a hole in the necklace. Then, you just need a jump ring to put through the hole and plyers to fasten it into place. Add a charm and a chain and you’re good to go.

7. The Beaded Necklace

Get out your beading wire and beads and get ready to use those old skils. You will also need to get a lobster clasp, crimping beads, and jump ring to set the end. Additionally, your pliers will be a necessary tool AU in all you will come away from the experience with more beautiful beaded nec.aces.

8. The Trim Choker

Chokers have been in style for a whiM now. If you haven’t capitalized on the trend yet, there is still time. You will need to have Simplicity Trim to make this work. You can probably order it online. You will need crimping beads and jump rings to set the end again. By the time you rinMII making nec.aces, you will be an expert at attaching the clasp.

9. Fringe Pipe Necklace

This one is super easy. We just need a tube and then to loop some fringes of an old t-shirt onto the tube. After you finish the looping, you can just put the tube through the chain. If you have a teenager at home who is bored and driving you crazy, you should enlist him or her on a. your nec.ace making endeavors. You will be certain to come up with a household cheering hit.

10. The Pearl Lariat Necklace

The beautiful necklace combines suede, leather, and pearls to make a beautiful statement piece. You simply have to knot where you want the beads to stay on. You can play around with the aesthetic but ideally, you will have one or two pearls hanging at the end. It’s pretty easy to figure out how to do this by just looking at it. It will also save you money.


These five DIY necklaces are a snap to make. I chose uncomplicated pieces that are easily attainable. They should add beauty to your jewelry collection. Ultimately, you will be happy that you decided to make art for your neck.