How To Make A DIY No Sew Apron

no sew leather apron diy

If you’re like me, sewing is an activity that is deemed “only when necessary”. Yes, I can sew something if I absolutely have to, but if there’s a way to do it without a needle and thread, I’m all for it. So, when I was faced with a recent project that required a leather apron for safety, my “no-sew” wheels began turning and I came up with the following pattern.

The great thing about this project is that it requires very few tools and supplies, and it’s easy enough for anyone to accomplish.

Video Guide: DIY No Sew Apron from Shirt

If you don’t want to work with leather- try out this video. You can make a simple apron from a t-shirt.

However, if you’re looking to make the leather apron in the image (full Instructable guide here), here’s all you need:

What You Need

Leather (obviously)

Fortunately, leather can be purchased fairly inexpensively at a leather goods store or online. Since it’s being used for a work apron, the cut does not have to be super high quality, but that’s up to you. The size I worked with was 20″ x 27″, but you can use your own dimensions if you want it bigger or smaller than that.

Strong scissors, knife, or box cutter

This is important because regular scissors aren’t going to cut it (pun intended).


A pen will also work, but you won’t be able to erase it or cover it up. That may not matter, but it’s good to know beforehand.

Long straight-edge

This can be whatever you want, as long as it’s solid and straight.

Leather hole punch

It’s not absolutely necessary, but it will make the apron last longer.

Solid work surface for cutting

The Steps

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Find Your Leather

As I mentioned, the dimensions of my apron were 20″ x 27″, but it’s a good idea to measure it out on you first to see how big of a piece of leather you will need. Your actual piece should be a couple of inches longer each way to allow room for cutting the straps. You may want it narrower on top to fit a little better.

Step 2: Mark Your First Edge

Using your straight edge, mark your first long side, making a rounded corner at top and bottom. There’s a reason to do this that we’ll see later. Cut out this edge with the rounded corners.

Step 3: Trace the Entire Shape

Measure the width of the apron on the leather and use the straight edge to mark the other side. Now, fold the cut edge over to line up with the edge you just marked. Trace the edge and your corners onto the other side in order to make it symmetrical. After you’ve traced the entire edge, cut out the rest of the apron.

Step 4: Cutting the Straps

Mark the starting point of the first strap about an inch in from a top rounded corner. From there, draw a line about 1/2″ in from the edge going all the way down the side and across the bottom to the other edge. Cut on this line starting at the bottom edge, going up to about an inch from where you will stop. Punch a hole at your stopping point to prevent you from cutting too far and to keep the cut from tearing. Repeat this on the other side starting at the opposite top corner. That’s all there is to it!

Congratulations! You now have a very functional leather apron without sewing a single stitch!

Tips and Modifications

  1. If you have extra leather, you may want to test the width of the straps before cutting them. This will ensure that they are not to narrow (which may cause them to tear) or too thick (making them difficult to use).
  2. You can always dye your apron if you prefer to have it in another color. And if you’re ambitious and are okay with a non no-sew apron, you can add a pocket or waist straps to further customize it.
  3. A higher-quality cut of leather will obviously last longer, so consider your situation and needs when making your purchase. And, like anything else, leather will last longer when it is properly and correctly cared for.