There’s nothing like a comfortable stool. Whether you want to make a cheap rolling option to scoot around your garage or fancier styles for a child’s playroom, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the best DIY stool plans below:

5 Thrifty DIY Stool Ideas

1. DIY Garage Stool

diy garage stool

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This DIY garage stool is made out of old foam chair and scrap office chair. The steps involved are as follows.

  • Materials-You first assemble the required materials and tools
  • Deconstruction – You remove the base of the old foam chair to get the pieces you need. You then remove the old fabric and you remain with the base wood of the chair and the foam
  • Cutting- measures the stool from the center to the edge and drill a hole at the center of the wood. Place something at the hole that you can use to tie a string. Use the string to tie, a pen that you will use to draw around until you get a circle and Use a jigsaw to cut the circle formed. Place the circular wood on top of the foam, and using a knife cut it to fit.
  • Drilling-Place your wood on a flat surface with your office chair on top & center the piece. Mark the position of the holes and drill them into the size of your bolt. Using a spanner or ratchet bolt the base to the chair until it’s tight.
  • Assembly -Place your foam & material over the seat & cut the fabric to fit all around. Staple the cut fabric firmly all over the wood and the result is the garage stool.

2. Homemade Modern DIY Puzzle Stool

homemade diy stool

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A puzzle stool is simple to make and a presentable stool. The Following are the steps involved to make this stool;

  • Ensure you have the right materials, which are; ¾” Plywood, Screws, sandpaper, wood glue, and dowels.
  • Draw the puzzle pieces in a way that they will interlock.
  • You then align the plywood strips and screw the two pieces together then use a jigsaw to cut the puzzles into pieces.
  • Then trim off the sharp edges to make them have rounded edges of the stool. Use sandpaper to sand the edges and to make it elegant.
  • Then you unscrew the top layer of the stool and drill 1 diameter holes of the stool leg. You then screw the top layer back together.
  • Cut four stool legs with a diameter of 1 and ensure the leg pieces are equal. You then make crossbars to two legs each and glue the legs to the top layer.
  • Sand the top of the stool to get a fine finishing and paint it. Once the stool is dry it is ready for use

3. DIY Shock Absorber Stool

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In making this stool you need an old car shock absorber. The following steps are involved;

  • You start by dissembling the whole jump
  • You then Remove Debris and degrease the shock absorber using a metal wire brush. Also, use gasoline to remove oil and grease from it.
  • You then sandblast all the parts of the shock absorber to make the surfaces properly cleaned for panting.
  • Next paint the parts using spray paint.
  • You then make the stool stand using a 5mm metal sheet. Cut the base into triangular shapes and add three legs measuring a length of about inches. Then drill two holes which will be used to mount the bottom of the jump
  • Next assemble all parts. First, mount the stand base and then the disc brake. You then cut a spring using an angle grinder and mount it in place and mount the top table.
  • Lastly you mount the stool top which is an old hardwood board. You cut the board into a circular disc and sand it. Then you apply coats to give the stool top a nice look. You then drill three holes across the stool top and count them with bolts. Now you get your stool.

4. DIY Stump stool

diy stump stool

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To make a stump stool you need a stump, 2 sponge, waterproof fabric, Tack nails, hammer, and glue. The following are the steps of making one.

  • First you apply glue on the dry log and place the sponge on top. You then cut the sponge according to the log shape.
  • You then cover the sponge with waterproof fabric and cut all around. Fold the fabric at the edge and staple all around the log until it’s tightly fixed. Cover the stapler’s pins by coloring them with a permanent marker. Your stool is now ready.

5. Easy No Sew Diy Round Stool Made From Plastic Spool Thingy

easy diy stool plan

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This stool is made from a plastic spool. It is simple and easy to make. The steps are as follows:

  • If the plastic spool material is dirty and scratched use bleach to clean it thoroughly. Then sand it using sandpaper to remove the scratches.
  • Then spray paint it and let the paint dry.
  • Lastly, you upholster the painted plastic spool using pieces of foam and fabric. First, place the foam then the fabric, and cut it all around into the shape of the spool. Staple the fabric all around the spool and ensure it is tight and possible. The stool is ready