Though simple in design, a monogram art letter can add a touch of elegance to your wall. Customizing it yourself gives it a sense of personality making it also one of the best gift ideas. Are you interested in making a DIY monogram letter?

In this guide, I will be taking you through a quick and easy tutorial on making a paper flower monogram letter. This project is quite simple and the results are very satisfying. By the end of this tutorial, your visitors’ eyes will always be glued to your wall admiring this beautiful piece of art.

Here is what you will need:

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. A monogram letter – You can buy one online or from your favorite store
  4. A quarter and a pen or a 1-inch circle punch
  5. Several sheets of patterned paper of your choice

*We adapted these instructions from a popular Instructables guide.

Video Guide: DIY Room Decor: Floral Monogram Letters

Making a DIY Monogram Letter

Step 1 – Cut Out 6 Circles from Pattern Paper

This first step will depend on whether you are using a quarter or a circle punch. If you have a circle punch, it is easier to cut out 6 circles from your patterned paper. Alternatively, with a quarter and a pen, you can trace it on the pattern paper and cut out the 6 circles.

Step 2 – Make a Cone Shape from 5 Circle Papers

You will need to make a cone shape from 5 circles. And to do so, you will have to cut a halfway slit on all these five circles. On every one-half of the circles’ slits, apply a dot of glue. Take one end of the other half of the slit and press it on top of the glue. You will notice that your circle paper will form a cone shape. Do this in all circles.

Step 3 – Attach 5 Cones to Form a Flower Shape

On every edge of your cones, apply a dot of glue, except one. Then attach one cone to another on the edges, till you achieve a flower shape with 5 cones.

Step 4 – Attach the Pearl to the Flower

The one cone that wasn’t cut, apply glue on the top surface. And also apply some glue on the bottom of the flower. Attach the circle to the center of the flower, then fit the pearl at the center. You may need to apply more glue to the center of the flower so that the pearl can be firmly held in place.

Step 5 – Repeat the Above Steps on All Paper Patterns

Depending on the number of flowers you intend to make and the size of your monogram letter, you can repeat the above procedure until you reach the desired number. If you wish to use more flowers then buy a bigger monogram letter than accommodate at least three or four flowers.

Step 6 – Glue Your Flowers to the Monogram Letter

Now that your flowers are done, you can get to the step you have been eagerly waiting for. Glue the flowers on your letter. You can be as creative as you want when placing the flowers on your monogram letter. You can also incorporate more accessories like a twine, a flower, or whatever works for you.

As we wrap up this guide on how to make a DIY Monogram letter, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Please feel free to share your result and what you think about this tutorial.