How To Start Selling Your Handmade Crafts Online


If you’re a crafter having a creative touch in designing and building unique craft items, then you can make easy money by turning your hobby into an up and running business.

Is there something more to craft selling? Surely, you can always set up a stall at a local craft fair. But if you want to grab an array of a much wider audience, there are certain things you can do to sell your craft online for free and make yourself visible on the digital platform.

Craft-makers, art-lovers, and handcrafters from all around the world are setting up their virtual empires to sell their craft items and other handmade products. But how can you sell your crafts online? Multiple websites offer you to open an online shop to sell your craft items without costing you a penny.

Here, in this article, we’ll not only provide you with a broader perspective to sell your crafts online, but we’ve also put together a guided plan to ensure the business you’re building is sustainable in the long run.

Why sell your crafts online?

Like any other business, selling craft items online also has its pros and cons.

Depending on the time you are reading this article, selling physically via setting up a craft booth and stall may not be a viable option in this pandemic time. With the fear of COVID-19 and lockdown protocols in and around the world, many social gatherings are limited. There’s no exact time-frame as to when things will be getting back to normal.

Nonetheless, these craft stalls might return soon, learning the skill to sell your craft online is a must-have skill to continue running your business sustainably and retaining the customers while you still can.

Before moving further, let’s go through some of the major pros and cons of online craft selling.

Pros of Online Craft Selling

  • No Physical Contact – Selling your craft items online, you never have to leave your home, unless you become a delivery person in doing so.
  • Saving on Physical Space – You can build your custom offers, provide your offerings virtually in the digital world, therefore helping you save on physical storage.
  • Grow Customers with the help of Social Media – Using social media and SEO techniques can help you find new customers, retain existing customers, and expand your business to masses via an online platform.

Cons of Online Craft Selling

  • Fees and Overhead Costs – There are some online platforms where you can sell your crafts for free, there might be some websites requiring a monthly/yearly fee to sign up or overhead costs associated that get deducted after you sell your product.
  • Bulk Orders and Storage Space – If you are in this for a long time or just started, making and accepting bulk orders is what you do, storing those bulk items might get problematic for you, thus, requiring bigger storage space to cater your needs.
  • Time-Consuming Process – Fulfilling your orders might get overwhelming and time-consuming if you’re seeking a quick sale or quick buck to make.

How to Sell your Craft Online?

Here are some tips and tricks to follow when selling your crafts online.

Build Your Name & Brand

A common mistake most people make when starting new is to think that if you have a wide arena of products, you’ll attract more customers. However, it’s exactly the opposite – the limited your product range is, the stronger the network.

Building and establishing your name in the market is a very crucial first step in selling your crafts online. By making a name in the digital market portrays the uniqueness (USP) and style of your business and what makes it different from others.

Coming up with a brand name, theme, logo, and a website that suits your style will attract more customers as compared to others.

Setting up your Online Craft Store

There are many ways to sell your art crafts or woodworking online – from selling it through your website to selling it via platforms that specialize and offer you to sell virtually.

To simplify, here’s the list of top websites that allows free and paid online selling of your crafts:-

  • Etsy – offers free to low listing of fees, a well-known website for crafters with millions of active monthly users.
  • Amazon Handmade – bigger and trust-worthy marketspace for sellers, free of cost.
  • eBay – commission-based, list only 50 items for free and charges apply there forth.

Raise your presence online

Building your presence online through social media platforms is one of the most successful ways to market and attract more customers. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest provide wider access to the world’s market and direct selling of items is also promoted on these platforms.

Lastly, the success in the virtual craft field is based on your ability to transform and portraying your business across platforms through network-building, selecting the right pricing and, building promotional strategies on the platform.

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